Researcher warns of a MacOS vulnerability that Apple refuses to correct

Researcher warns of a MacOS vulnerability that Apple refuses to correct

According to an Italian security researcher named Filippo Cavallarin, macOS Mojave 10.14.5 and younger are vulnerable to a ...
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The Pentagon: Educates the cyber-squire for a world war on a deserted island!

The Pentagon: Few have access to Plum Island in which a secret branch of the US government is located and performs exercises ...
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New generation malware and ways of protection: What you need to know

Every day we hear about new attacks by hackers on companies, organizations, and even individuals. The worrying is that the scammers ...
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Google Play Protect protects your device from malware. Turn it on!

Due to the recent vulnerability of WhatsApp that enabled hackers to remotely install spyware on both ...
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Hackers stole sensitive NederWoon customer information

A home rental company, NederWoon, has been hit by hackers. Hackers managed to get into the company's systems ...
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The best Android hacking apps


  1. Kali Linux Tutorials Offline

With this application, you can learn how to use Kali Linux tools. It's not ideal for novice users, but if you know little about Kali Linux or have already installed Kali Linux, use this application to learn how to use it. In addition, you do not have to be online.

  1. Linux command Library

Maybe you know how useful his orders are Linux for a hacker. Almost all hackers use the Linux operating system. Linux commands are very important when it comes to monitoring. Using this application you can learn to use Linux commands.

  1. Cyber ​​Security Training & Kali

And this application provides basic knowledge about hacking. With this you will gain knowledge about SQL injection, cross-site scripting, File include etc.

  1. Learn Metasploit

Metasploit is a very famous tool for penetration testing. If you start using Kali Linux or any other Linux distribution for Hacking, use this application to learn Metasploit. However, it is not suitable for completely new users.

  1. Zanti

You may have already heard about this app. Used for wifi hacking. You can use it with or without rooting. However, some features only work with root.

  1. Termux

This is a very good application. Using it, you can install many hacking tools on an Android smartphone like Metasploit, Nmap, etc. Using this you can also learn the Linux commands.

  1. Fing - Network Tools

As is clear from its name, it is a network scanning tool. You can scan your network using this tool. It scans the entire network and discovers all attached devices. You can also find the speed of your network using this application.

  1. Hackode

This is not a hacking application. It can, however, be used to collect information such as IP address, traceroute, etc.

  1. Kali Linux NetHunter

This application is very good, as it allows you to use tools such as mac changer, nmap, custom commands,

  1. Network Mapper

This is an unofficial version of Nmap for Android users. You can not do things like scanning, etc. This app is available on the Google Play Store.

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