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Pornhub: Easily download legally HD video without using software!

Many people may not know you can easy to download high quality video directly from Pornhub simply by turning on the shutter button. Yes, it is.

With the activation of the download button there is no quality loss as on third-party websites that do not always work so well and you can also keep copies of the video on your hard drive disk.

Our basic advice is do not use software for download for free, as they may contain malware and there are easier ways to download videos.


To download PH without software simply create one for free premium account. So you will have:

  1. Direct download button next to each video
  2. HD quality streaming and download
  3. There are no ads on the site or video
  4. High download speed and faster flow
  5. CDN enabled and mobile friendly website
  6. Additional HD content and DVD movies

Unlike torrenting this is a completely legitimate way obtain the copy of the file or movie you want.

Caution! There are also several "video download sites", some of which may not work. You may also be bombarded with ads on these sites and may not be able to download what you want.

The truth is that if you become familiar with 1080p quality and all other privileges, such as full-length video, experience will be much easier and enjoyable.