Researcher warns of a MacOS vulnerability that Apple refuses to correct

Researcher warns of a MacOS vulnerability that Apple refuses to correct

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Google Play Protect protects your device from malware. Turn it on!

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Citrix: The company confirms that it was a hacking victim for 5 months

CitrixΗ company Citrix software has just been confirmed to have been hacked by an international group of internet criminals. Hackers managed to gain access to the company's network and steal sensitive information about both old and current employees.

The hackers had access to network for about 5 months and the research concludes that they are probably of Iranian descent.

Criminals have managed to steal some documents about the company. The positive thing is that the products and services were not affected.

On March 6, the FBI discovered the attack and advised Citrix, which immediately proceeded to protect its system and instructed a company to investigate the case.

Although the attack has been known since March, Citrix now reveals more information.

This week, the company approached the California Attorney's Office, denounced the data leak, and reported, inter alia, that hackers had access to her network about 5 months, from 13 October 2018 to 8 March 2019.

According to what Citrix revealed, hackers extracted company records that included employee details such as names, social security numbers, and financial data.

The exact number of people affected by the data leakage is not known, however California 1798.82 Urban Code (a) obliges companies to report violations of data to the Attorney General of the State, if more than 500 residents are affected.

Citrix has taken care to inform all people who have been affected by it attack and compensates them by offering free monitoring and protection services.

The company believes that hackers managed to penetrate their network with the "password spraying, "which exploits weak passwords. Essentially, they tried common codes and managed to access Citrix's internal network.

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