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Home security Backdoors were embedded in Huawei's equipment

Backdoors were embedded in Huawei's equipment

BackdoorsΗ Huawei is the largest network equipment manufacturer and the second largest smartphone manufacturer worldwide. However, in the past it has encountered some problems, since it has been accused of having security issues in its products. Some thought the company puts backdoors in its equipment, with the purpose of leaking personal information to the Chinese government.

The US government tried to boycott Huawei's equipment and influenced other countries that followed the same tactics. The charges were not confirmed but the reputation of the company was affected.

Later, he released a report from Bloomberg, which confirmed the existence of backdoors from 2009 and 2011.

And Vodafone has discovered the existence of backdoors in parts of the network.

Why it was installed backdoors and what are the consequences?

Backdoors can cause many problems for organizations and subscribers. It is one of the most common and dangerous issues security. If some hackers detect backdoors and exploit them, they can steal sensitive user information and access accounts and steal money.

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However, there are many companies that install backdoors on their equipment. Indeed, the reason they do so is to enhance security. Through them, companies collect data from hardware, which allow them to track and fix bugs in the current hardware and to think about how they can enhance security in the future.

Vodafone states that the issues have been resolved, but that does not mean that Huawei's reputation has been restored.

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