Fraud administrators with false notifications in Office 365

Fraud administrators with false notifications in Office 365

A new Office 365 account violation campaign targets administrators. A violation of an employee's email account may result ...
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YouTube tactics make users' safety more difficult!

The need to achieve Internet security is, for those who are involved, of primary importance. One of the most common tactics, ...
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Hackers have violated 62 American colleges by exploiting ERP vulnerability

The US Department of Education has announced that a group of hackers has violated 62 systems and colleges by using a vulnerability ...
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White hat hacker is accused of hacking Bulgaria's tax office

An expert in the field of cyber security and white hat hacker, who is accused of hacking the data more than ...
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FSB: Hackers have violated the Russian Security Service!

Hackers have violated the servers of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) by gaining access to 7.5 terabytes of data from a major Sybate FSB contractor. The...
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Dracos Linux: The open source operating system for penetration testing

Dracos Linux is an open source operating system that provides penetration testing. It is accompanied by many pentest tools, such as information gathering, forensics, malware analysis, and mantaining access reverse engineering.

Dracos Linux has been manufactured by The Linux From Scratch. This operating system is a variation of the Linux distributions that are based on security testing for penetration testing. Dracos linux does not use GUI-based tools, simply has the software that uses the CLI (command line interface) to perform its functions and tools.

What's different from the older version? The new version of Dracos Linux has its own package manager, called Venomizer. So you can watch, download and compile the package using the venomizer.

Dracos Linux

Dracos V3.0 "Kuntilanak" Specification


Public License: GNU / GPL v3

Version: 3.0 (beta)

Arch: x86_64

BASED on: LFS 7.10 System

Kernel version: 4.9.5

Size: 3.2 Gb

  • Education: Dracos is intended for educational purposes and for strengthening ethical hacking.
  • Source: Made from codes.
  • Repository: Although based on codes, Dracos Linux will create a repository.
  • Difficulty: Dracos is built from source code, forcing us to do compile when installing a package or software, which of course will probably lead to system failure and other vulnerabilities.

Penetration Tools List

  1. Information Gathering
  2. Vulnerability Assessment
  3. Web Attack
  4. Exploitation Testing
  5. Privilege Escalation
  6. Password Attack
  7. Social Engineering
  8. Man In The Middle Attack
  9. Stress Testing
  10. Wireless Attack
  11. Maintaining Access
  12. Forensics Tools
  13. Reverse Engineering
  14. Malware Analysis
  15. Covering Track
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