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What are the most common passwords? Risk of violation

codesPasswords are a matter that has been discussed many times. The National Security Center in the UK presented a list of 100.000 most common passwords.

With this move, experts are trying to convince users to use as powerful as possible passwords. Codes that can not easily be predicted by them hackers or even found from stolen databases.

The number of common codes is enormous. This means that a large portion of people do not understand how important it is to have a strong password. Many people continue to use their names, the football team they support, the name of a band and other simple codes.

Passwords checked and rated as normal are codes that have been found publicly released as they have leaked out of hackers or are sold in the dark web.

The test results showed that the most common password is '123456'. Users using it reach the 23,2 million. About 7.7 million users chose "123456789".

The next three most common codes are 'qwerty', 'password' and '111111', which are used by 3,8 million, 3,6 million and 3,1 million users respectively.

50 most used codes are used by about 500.000 users and consist of series of numbers or by repeating a number 6-7 times.

The 20 first includes the words "iloveyou", "monkey" and "dragon". "Myspace1" is ranked in 26η position and use about 735.980 users.

Also names are a common choice. For example, the names "ashley" and "michael" are used by more than 400.000 users each. Here are the "daniel", "jessica" and "charlie" used by 300.000 users.

If these names are the names of the users themselves, then it is even easier to predict, as they probably exist at the address E-mail.

Band names are still a common code. About 285.706 users chose blink182 as a password, making it the most common code in this category. Here are the "50cent", "enimem", "metallica" and "slipknot" that appeared over 140.000 times.

The next common code is the sports teams. The "liverpool" code has the prime since 280.723 users are using it. Here are the sports teams "chelsea", "arsenal", "manutd" and "everton", which fill the top five.

Soccer teams are a code that can easily be predicted. The reason is that fans usually publish things for their groups in social media, so it can easily be found by somebody.

The problem is that many people use the same password for all their accounts. The result is that if a hacker breaks these easy passwords, he will gain access to all the services that the user uses.

"Using the same password is a significant risk that can be avoided. You should not protect sensitive data with something that can easily be predicted, such as your name, your local football team or your favorite band, "said Dr. Ian Levy, NCSC Technical Director.

Strong passwords that can not easily be predicted must be used. A good suggestion is the combination of three random words that you can of course remember.

Choosing a correct password is the first and most important step to protect your accounts.

NCSC hopes that users will pay more attention to this important topic after publishing these data. In fact, it gives tips on how to protect their users' accounts at official NCSC website.

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