Researcher published a dangerous Windows 10 zero-day exploit

Researcher published a dangerous Windows 10 zero-day exploit

A security researcher today revealed at GitHub the existence of a zero-day vulnerability in Windows 10. Zero-day vulnerabilities are often called ...
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School in Ohio fell victim to attack hacking with Trickbot

On Friday, a school in Ohio discovered he was hacked. In particular, malicious software infected systems and so ...
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AMSA alerts users to phone frauds

AMSA has warned that it has received reports that its phone number has been used to make phishing via telephone ...
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Does industrial robots increase the risk of cyber attacks?

The use of robots in industrial environments has greatly changed the conditions under which the various jobs are being done in the last ...
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Cyber ​​warfare: What is it and which domains it affects?

The term cyber warfare refers to online warfare between governments by performing complex internet attacks. These carriers ...
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The Weather Channel Global Weather Channel was attacked by ransomware

The Weather Channel Global Weather Channel accepted ransomware attack resulting in the live broadcast being interrupted for approximately 90 minutes.

Weather Channel (TWC) is an American pay-TV channel belonging to The Weather Group, LLC and the channel broadcasts forecasts and weather news and analyzes, along with documentary and entertainment programs related to weather conditions.

During the incident, viewers were unable to see useful weather information from

The Weather Channel confirmed that their network was attacked via one tweet, adding that "backup mechanisms" enabled the channel to restore the service. "We apologize for any inconvenience for viewers as we work to resolve the issue"

Weather channel

The company did not disclose further information, except that hackers tried to make money from it by locking the systems.

The incident is already in her hands FBI.

Weather Channel said: "We are experiencing technical difficulties with our live broadcast. We apologize for any inconvenience in resolving this issue. "

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