HomesecurityEthiHak 2019: The final ten!

EthiHak 2019: The final ten!

For another year the big battle ended, the screens went out and its two days EthiHak will leave to us all wonderful memories. EthiHak 2019 came to an end and we wish those who attended it have experienced a pleasant experience and also learned a lot of new things. This year's scenarios covered by reversing, crypto and very web, among others.

It is worth mentioning that our company grew even more this year as many young people took part aspirations hackers who decided to test their skills for the first time EthiHak.

Because there were several participants who are still at the start of their hacking career, we want to remind you to hunt your dream and not to let you down any difficulty. The ethical hacking beyond the talent you all have, you also need perseverance to achieve your goal. The competition EthiHak is organized every year to help you get closer to your goal. So do not put it down!


Before closing this chapter for this year we ought to thank you all you attending the competition and of course all those who worked hard for this successful result.

Originally, a great thumbs up on 9ο Congress Infocom Security which hosts the EthiHak for the fourth consecutive year. It is our great pleasure to grow up with us as well largest cyber security conference in Greece.

A large bravo to all his contestants EthiΗak, wherever they arrived and wherever they were in Greece, and to Odyssey who also took this year to give EthiK's children an incentive to participate.

A great thank you to the platform hack The Box which hosted this year's challenges and helped in fact the effort of Secnews and EthiHak.

A great thanks also to his family SecNews And them co-workers who contributed to the best possible result.

And of course the biggest thumbs up we have to give to the children who participated this year Ethihak and in particular to the winners.

According to the ranking:

  1. Poupos Municipality (Wednesday)
  2. Mourosias Nikos (Deltaclock)
  3. Rogdakis Thomas (makelarisjr)
  4. Mantakos George (GeoMSK)
  5. Tsapralis Michalis (220)
  6. Kayoulis Kostas (Doublekay)
  7. Saridis Nicolas-Athanasios (Friendzone)
  8. Aggelopoulos Aristides-Georgios (Permissiondenied)
  9. Thalassinos Athanasios (Checkm8)
  10. Kurii Dimitrios (Hallelujah)

Those who participated in the competition and are aged 14-25 will be able to train for the ECSC 2019, so as we have already mentioned, the final tenth will be determined by the workouts. We will announce in a very short time to in as well as in the Department of Digital Systems University of Piraeus, the program of the trainings, but also who will participate in detail. So stay tuned!

Before the curtain falls for this year we want to remind you that the aim of his effort SecNews but also his EthiHak is to highlight them ethical hackers - the morals hackers - and not to encourage malicious exploitation of vulnerabilities. In essence, young people involved in information technology, notably the security of information systems, learn that they can find weaknesses in systems to be able to correct them, rather than exploit them to benefit.

So we're updating our appointment for the next one EthiΗak contest, hoping that our company grows more and more!

See you soon ...