HomesecurityHacker plans to sell 932 millions of stolen files

Hacker plans to sell 932 millions of stolen files

HackerA serious data breach case is taking place, as according to ZDNet, a hacker named Gnosticplayers plans to sell one billion user data. The hacker had declared his plans since February. He seems determined to do so as he has already published nearly 65,5 millions archives last week. It is therefore unlikely that 932's millions of files will soon be reached.

This particular hacker has attacked 44 companies, and since mid-February has put the stolen files for sale on the dark web, where illegal products such as weapons, drugs and hacking tools are being sold.

Data she has published comes from several Companies. The data is divided into four folders. The 1 Folder includes 620 million user files, the 2 127 Million Folder, the 3 93 Million Folio, and the 4 26,5 Million.

According to the hacker, the latest 65,5 million files released come from 6 companies: Mindjolt gaming platform, Wanelo digital mall, e-invitations and platform RSVP Evite, Yanolja travel company in South Korea, fashion store Women's Moda Operandi and Apple iCracked Repair Center.

ZDNet has previously spoken to companies that have reported the hacker and 38 people have confirmed the attacks. Therefore, it is very likely that he is telling the truth about the above companies as well.

Dream Market managers decided to close their market after repetitive attacks DDoS.

The hacker's motive is not known. Most would imagine the money. However, hackers like Gnosticplayers are in "underground" hacker communities that hack companies, steal their data, and then sell them to partners.

This in itself offers hackers enough money. They do not have to sell them in public markets like Dream Market.

When a hacker decides to sell the data he has stolen in a public market, he wants to achieve something. Gnosticplayers wants to be remembered by everyone, as they remember Peace_of_Mind.

932's millions of files in its possession, which are gradually being marketed, make us all worried about how secure we are on the internet.

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