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Microsoft: Move from Google G Suite to Office 365

Google GAccording to her announcement Microsoft products on Tuesday, there will be a change in the coming weeks. Exchange Admin Center will be able to move Google G calendar, contacts, and email data to Office 365.

This move will be done by completing 10 steps and through the Exchange Admin Center, as mentioned above. After completing the steps, Exchange Admin Center or Exchange Online PowerShell can be used to transfer Google G Suite items to Office 365.

Anyone interested can see the necessary steps in this Microsoft document.

Organizations and organizations businesses who are interested in making this move, can use the "cutover migration" method, in which all elements are moved simultaneously. There is, of course, the possibility of a gradual movement, which takes longer to complete and during which both services coexist e-mail.

The choice between direct or progressive movement depends on the size and type of data to be moved.

Moving from Google G Suite to Office 365 is a relatively slow process. Data can be moved up to 2GB per day (for mailbox). Those that are not transported begin to move the next day.

Microsoft has announced that this limit on data size has been imposed by Google G Suite and that the pace at which contacts and calendar data can be moved is somewhat unclear.

However, not all Google G Suite data will be moved. Among those that will not be moved are: filters, settings, automatic replies, vacation settings, shared calendars, room reservations, contact and data tags Google Vault.

You can also only transfer 3 email addresses for each contact.

Overall, the default size of email that can be moved is 35 MB, although the default can be changed.

When the new feature is available, it will appear on the "Migration tab in the Exchange Admin Center" tab.


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