Researcher warns of a MacOS vulnerability that Apple refuses to correct

Researcher warns of a MacOS vulnerability that Apple refuses to correct

According to an Italian security researcher named Filippo Cavallarin, macOS Mojave 10.14.5 and younger are vulnerable to a ...
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The Pentagon: Educates the cyber-squire for a world war on a deserted island!

The Pentagon: Few have access to Plum Island in which a secret branch of the US government is located and performs exercises ...
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New generation malware and ways of protection: What you need to know

Every day we hear about new attacks by hackers on companies, organizations, and even individuals. The worrying is that the scammers ...
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Google Play Protect protects your device from malware. Turn it on!

Due to the recent vulnerability of WhatsApp that enabled hackers to remotely install spyware on both ...
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Hackers stole sensitive NederWoon customer information

A home rental company, NederWoon, has been hit by hackers. Hackers managed to get into the company's systems ...
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Violation of 5.600 customer data from Blue Cross, Idaho

Blue crossAnother online attack appears on the spot and this time Idaho insurance company Blue Cross is the victim. The company itself has announced that it has been hacked, resulting in a violation of the personal data of a large number of customers. Blue Cross has taken over the health insurance of around 560,000 customers. The attack seems to have compromised the information of about 5,600 customers.

The infringing information relates mainly to customer names, provider names, account numbers, application numbers, codes for various procedures, payment information, and more.

Researchers in the case said the Idaho Blue Cross portal was violated in 21 March. The purpose of the attack was to postpone money. The problem was soon detected and the portal locked up one day after leaving it hackers except.

Unfortunately, several data were violated, but Blue Cross confirmed that no social security numbers, driving license numbers, bank account and credit card numbers, and information on medical diagnostics were concerned.

As soon as the company perceived the issue, the incident was reported to FBI. Indeed, an internal investigation has itself begun to ascertain the extent to which the data has been affected and to help expert investigations.

Of course, the company contacted all affected members to inform them of the situation and received extra protection measures to protect the identity of its customers.

"We take the privacy of our customers very seriously and we are committed to taking care of the security of our members' data," said Blue Cross vice president, Paul Zurlo.

He also said they have not identified the use of the violators data in illegal activities.

The company asks its customers to be careful and to contact the company immediately if they find any strange or suspicious move.

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