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Edge AI Hardware Market: Forecasts for space up to 2024

Edge AIThe exhibition "Edge AI Hardware Market by Device (Smartphones, Cameras, Robots, Automobile, Smart Speakers, Wearables, and Smart Mirror), Processor (CPU, GPU, ASIC and Others), Power Consumption, Process, End User Industry, and Region - Global Forecast to 2024Is now available at ResearchAndMarkets.com.

According to forecasts, the edge of AI hardware market will record sales of 610 million units to 2019. Up to 2024, 1559,3 can also reach millions of sales. During this time the CAGR is calculated at 20,64%.

Significant for market growth is the increased demand for low latency and real-time edge processing Appliances and the need for AI coprocessors for edge computing, as well as the growing demand for edge computing in IoT.

On the other hand, there are some limitations for market growth, and these are limited on-device training and the small number of AI specialists. Energy consumption and size limitation are also challenging to buy edge AI hardware.

The purchase of edge AI hardware is split based on them processors in CPU, GPU, ASIC and more.

The ASIC processor offers high performance speed as it is devoted to executing only one specific application. VPU is a category of processors that speeds up "mechanical vision work". The IPU is specifically designed to support video and graphics editing functions.

The ASIC processors currently on the market include Intel Movidius VPUs and CEVA-XM4 processor imaging and computer vision.

"As far as processors are concerned, CPUs are projected to have the largest market share by 2024."

2019 is expected to sell 589 million CPUs. Sales can reach 1380 millions by 2024. The CPU is the most used processor in smartphones, smart speakers and wearables.

It is also expected to have enough growth market in the following regions: China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Of these areas, China is the largest market for artificial intelligence, which makes it quite an attractive market for edge AI hardware applications. In China and immediately after in Japan there is a huge number of construction companies and their products already hold a large part of the market.

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