Banning links from embedded browsers for security reasons

Banning links from embedded browsers for security reasons

Google has decided to ban the logins from embedded browsers since June of 2019. Why did he ...
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Malicious AutoHotkey Scripts infect systems for spyware purposes

A new threat appears to have occurred, in which malicious hackers use AutoHotkey scripts to ...
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PS5 details: Is there a risk that hackers will exploit them?

Sony's game developer and creator, Mark Cerny, gave some details about the new PS5 console. In one...
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Cisco warns of vulnerabilities in 9000 series routers

Cisco has released 31 security tips this week, but has focused users on "critical" patches for ...
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HP: Adds the Sure Sense malware blocker to its new devices

HP announced a series of updates and new features for PCs, as well as the official HP release ...
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Sneaky Phishing Scam scans the Instagram


The goal of hackers seems to have happened Instagram, since in the last few days they have unleashed a new one Phishing scam, known as 'The Nasty List', which can steal user login credentials.

Phishing scam spreads through already infected accounts, which send messages to their followers, stating that they were identified in the so-called "The Nasty List."

These messages say:

«OMG your actually on here, @TheNastyList_34, your number is 15! its really messed up. "

According to BleepingComputer, scammers try to send these messages to all the followers of an account.

The profiles include a description like: "People are really putting all of us here, I'm already in 37th position, if you read this, you should be on it too." Or "WOW you are really on here, ranked 100! this is horrible, Cant WAIT TO REVEAL THE TOP 10! "as shown below.

These profile descriptions also include a link that is supposed to let you see this Nasty List and why you are in it.

To avoid becoming a victim of such a fraud, never enter your login credentials if you are on a page that does not belong to the website.

What to do if this scam affects you?

The first thing you have to do if you've fallen victim to "The Nasty List" and you still have access to your account is to verify that your account is using the correct phone number and e-mail address.

You can do this by going to your profile and selecting Edit Profile. Then go to the bottom to see your email address and phone number. If it is not right, try to put the correct information.

Once you have entered your correct email and phone number, you want to change your password by following these instructions.

Once you change your password, all devices that you have linked to your account will be unlinked. You can then sign back in to regain control of your account.

If you do not have access to your account, you can use it these instructions to report it to Instagram.

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