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Vehicle theft with special devices: How to protect yourself

AppliancesNew technologies serve your everyday life but sometimes they can also put you at risk. There are, for example, some special devices that can endanger your car.

Tracker car insurance company said that the 66% of all stolen vehicles he investigated last year was made with a certain type of theft.

This kind of theft is called "relay attack". it is about a attack, where two thieves are trying to steal cars using electronic signal relay devices to infiltrate so-called "keyless entry" systems.

The thieves can use these devices and get the car key signal through the victim's home. Then the signal is transferred to the thief's partner, near the vehicle.

In this way, the perpetrators manage to "trick" it system of the car, which "understands" that the key is there, while it is not. So they can unlock the car and steal it.

Although it may sound like a very advanced form of theft, it is not. A survey showed that anyone can buy such a device from Amazon and eBay at the price of 257 £.

This leads us to the conclusion that almost all drivers are extremely vulnerable to specific attacks. A very important part in this, it plays the part of the house in which we leave our keys when we do not use them. For example, a table in the hall of the house or the bedside table is not considered the safest place.

In a survey conducted by Tracker, he found that 25% of 200 respondents left the keys somewhere in the hall. Especially the hall is considered a very dangerous place, because it is likely to be close enough to the place where you park your car (for example, you can park it just outside the house). Devices used by thieves can receive the key signal at a distance of 30 meters.

Other drivers said they also leave them near the front door, downstairs drawer or bedroom. All the parts mentioned are easy targets.

However, there are some things that guides can do to protected.

These devices can receive signals through walls, doors and windows, but there is something that can stop them. The metal. Therefore, placing the keys in a microwave oven or in a metal box can protect your cars.

Some experts claim that the refrigerator is also a safe place.

Alternatively, there are metal cases such as the Faraday wallet (£ 4,99 on Amazon), which is designed to protect the electronic keys from relay attacks.

It is also recommended to use tracking devices to keep your vehicles safe. This of course does not prevent the theft, but it can help the police in locating the thief.

One expert states that: "It is worth remembering that safety of vehicles must be multi-level and should not be based only on the keyless security system. "

Also, physical locks such as locks and wheel clamps are quite effective.

Though thieves are constantly being developed, thieves always find new ways to break your car.

Cars that are vulnerable

Audi: A3, A4, A6

BMW: 730d

Citroen: DS4 CrossBack

Ford: Galaxy, Eco-Sport

Sling: HR-V

Hyundai: Santa Fe CRDi

Kia: Optima

Lexus: RX 450h

Mazda: CX-5

Mini: Clubman

Mistubishi: Outlander

Nissan: Qashqai, Leaf


Range Rover: Evoque

Renault: Traffic

Ssangyong: Tivoli XDi

Subaru: Levorg

Toyota: Rav4

Volkswagen: Golf GTD, Touran 5T

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