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Home security Hackers have violated sites about the FBI and leaked data

Hackers have violated sites about the FBI and leaked data

FBIAccording to Techcrunch, a group hackers has violated FBI-related websites and published a huge number of files containing personal data from police and federal agents in the US.

One of the hackers claimed to have stolen “over a million personally data“. This data, as mentioned above, belongs to employees of federal agencies and public organizations.

TechCrunch reports that at least three websites related to the FBI National Academy Association have been violated. The role of this organization is to promote leadership and training at the FBI Training Academy, located in Quantico, VA.

The hackers team retrieved content from web servers, which included 4000 files and multiple copies. She then uploaded the files to her own site. The data leaked related to names, telephone numbers, job titles, government emails, and postal addresses.

In a TechCrunch communication with one of the hackers, it was revealed that he was hacking on more than 1000 sites. Hackers process the files and soon put them up for sale.

Hackers were also questioned whether they considered this leakage for federal agents and police officers dangerous. Their answer was: "Probably yes".

Hackers often steal data and then sell them to hacker forums and dark web sites. In this case, however, they said they would release some of the records It's free to show that there is something "interesting" about them.

In fact, the hacker also sent a link to some FBI-site that had also been tampered with to show that they actually broke a lot of websites.

The hacker, with whom the communication was, also said that his team used "public exploits". This means that sites that were infringed had not received updates and were not properly protected.

Among other things, the hacker showed proofs for other sites that were hacking. Among them is a Foxconn subdomain.


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