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Home security Anonymous: "Leave Assange free or you'll pay!"

Anonymous: "Let Assange go free or you will pay!"

Anonymous took their place for arrest of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, in London on Thursday.

«Leave him Assange free or you will pay! "They say.

"The capture of Assange as well as the persecution of other personalities who choose to reveal the truth are a clear signal that governments will stop at nothing to preserve their secrecy, "Anonymous said.

They believe Assange is an enemy of the state because he has exposed the crimes of political parties.

Anonymous describes him as a real journalist who tells the truth about power.


From 2010, Julian Assange is repeatedly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize each time his case draws the attention of the global media.

2006, Assange founded it WikiLeaks, which began to publish secret information on the activity of certain governments, including the United States. When 2012 was accused of sexual harassment in Sweden, Assange has asked Ecuador's Embassy for asylum, where it spent almost seven years. On Thursday, Ecuador terminated his asylum and let the police arrest him because he did not appear in court on the 2012 warrant. Assange's lawyers fear that if they are transferred to the United States, their client may face a prison sentence of up to 35 years or a death sentence. The US Department of Justice argues that it can be sentenced to five years' imprisonment for hacking attacks.


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