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Banning links from embedded browsers for security reasons

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Google: Now Android phones will act as security keys

GoogleGoogle, in its effort to provide as much protection as possible to its users, offers two-factor authentication. However, many people do not use it because they find it annoying to expect a code to come to them whenever they want to connect to a Google app.

For this reason, Google has decided to simplify the process so that more and more people are using this safe method.

The company announced that now users will be able to use one Android smartphone as a natural security key. This feature will make it easier to connect to Google apps, while at the same time offering two-factor authentication security.

The process is simple. Connect your phone via Bluetooth to one Chrome browser and verify your login. The only prerequisite is that your phone must run Android Nougat 7.0 at least.

The new feature was announced at Cloud Next conference. According to the company, the feature includes the same WebAuthn and FIDO APIs, which are also used in the Titan Security Key.

Identifying two factors is very important as it prevents them hackers to do phising attacks and obtain user credentials.

Similarly, FIDO security keys, such as the Titan Security Key, protect the account from phishing attacks.

Google's goal is to turn Android phones into physical security keys so that more people can take advantage of the above features.

Steps on how to use your phone as a security key:

  • step 1: Open Google Chrome on your Windows, ChromeOS, or MacOS device.
  • step 2: Sign in to your Google Account on an Android phone and turn on Bluetooth.
  • step 3: Open in Chrome and select "Two-Step Verification".
  • Step 4: Tap to add a security key and select your phone from the list of devices.

At this time, this feature is only available on Android phones and only for Google services.

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