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Home security Two 14-year-old students hacked their school's WiFi to ...

Two 14-year students hacked their school's WiFi to avoid a test

Two students at a high school in New Jersey have often carried out communications interference (also known as jamming) on ​​the WiFi network to avoid a test.


Both students were accused of committing internet criminal activity, and no information about their names was leaked.

They used an app or a program to throw the whole school's WiFi network on different occasions to avoid giving an exam, the police said.

Most of the UK curriculum is on the Internet, so the lack of WiFi connectivity disrupts the students' daily curriculum.

Police believe that the two students did it as they were asked by other students to "drop" the grid.

According to a NJ report, "Students seem to have used a WiFi stoppage program or app on Monday afternoon to send a lot of traffic to the routers trying to hit the system to prevent students from logging in to the system. do their jobs or take exams ”.

“One day we had to do a test through it Chromebook but it was not due to problems with WiFi, ”said a high school student on Millridge Road. "Of course the lesson stopped."

"Our WiFi connection was experiencing some problems last week," School Principal Jennifer Montesano said Monday. "The system has been restored and is now fully operational."

Other students said that anyone who does not want to give an exam should be faced in other ways as a problem has arisen across the class because of it.


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