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Reasons to leave Windows and go to Linux

Do you have problems with Windows 10? If you are not planning to install Windows 7, which is going to lose Microsoft support on 14 January 2020, or you do not have the money to go to a device Apple, there are not many other options on the operating system of a computer other than Linux.


Although you can expect a learning curve when switching platforms, Windows users who are curious about the state of Linux for mainstream computing could be surprisingly satisfied after finding a suitable distribution for their device and spending a little time getting acquainted with the new environment.

Here are five reasons why you could easily replace them Windows with Linux as the default operating system on your desktop or laptop:

A scrupulous software list, like mobile platforms

Software known to be compatible with a particular version of Linux is maintained in a central directory or "storage" similar to mobile platforms such as iOS or Android.

Although you can download individual apps from a website and install them with a package manager that automates the process similar to Windows, finding new programs on Linux is generally as simple as searching it in the software storage and clicking on the installation. Removing applications is also done with just one click.

Smarter update process for the operating system and software

While Windows updates are often delayed and often require a restart, updates to Linux are fast and rarely require a restart. Updates are usually downloaded through a “Software Updater” application that not only checks for operating system patches, but also includes updates for programs that you have installed from the repository.

This is easier and inherently safer than manually searching and installing the latest version of each app on your device.

Extremely customizable, especially the desktop interface

Aside from the vastly different configurations that come with every copy of Linux, their interfaces are highly customizable and can look like a Windows or Mac environment - or some combination of the two. For example, Ubuntu MATE has a "MATE Tweak" utility that lets you choose from many interfaces that are similar to Windows, OS X and more.

These can be further adapted to your preferences - more than any other operating system.

Lighter than Windows and less data extraction

Windows is growing more and more as Microsoft tries to serve a variety of markets on the same platform. In addition to accumulating in a scattered set of features, the company has gradually implemented systems for creating systems and methods for extracting user data. This is not particularly worrying about Linux, which is available in sizes ranging from far below 1GB to more packed builds of 4GB and beyond. Noteworthy is that Ubuntu MATE offers longer life than Windows 10.

Linux is generally more secure and free forever

Unless you buy a Windows 10 key from eBay or you obtained it during the free upgrade, the Microsoft operating system costs over $ 100. Some Linux copies cost a lot of premium software and support, most of them free.

In addition, because fewer people use Linux, the platform becomes less malware and tends to be safer than Windows. As you already know, Windows 7 will lose support in January of 2020.

Some recent thoughts on the transition from Windows to Linux

While upgrading a new operating system can be frightening, switching from Windows to Linux is more than feasible if done with some dedication. In most cases, major Windows programs have already been developed for Linux. If not, equivalents with Windows applications are generally available, such as LibreOffice which is a stand-in for Microsoft Office.

Users who depend on many Windows-only software or who are in the middle of a project may not want to switch. However, in addition to software availability and compatibility concerns, the main reason to think about returning to Microsoft's operating system is simply that you are already used to this platform and you do not want to endure the learning process of a new environment.


  1. Here and 7 years because it got virus on the computer and beyond that I lost everything was destroyed and native i tried linux Today we have become and the 5 family of users only linux! Kids, at the law firm and of course at home. Windows now seem to be poor, bad, and especially dishonest. Doing a network with linux is stupid, with windows desperation ... It's a bad name that is not well known ...

  2. Two important factors for switching, which I think are missing from the above list, are the way of deploying each operating (on the one hand, the Community and the other Bill Gates employees) as well as the fact that Linux is open source, while with Windows you do not know what code is running on your machine.


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