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Home security Malicious software on pirated Game of Thrones torrent

Malicious software on pirated Game of Thrones torrent

maliciousIf you are downloading pirated TV series, you should be very careful because you are at risk of infecting your computer with a virus. It is common for hackers to exploit popular TV series and broadcasts to place some malicious software.

Now it looks like they're trying to spread a virus using Game of Thrones.

According to her new survey Kaspersky, the Game of Thrones torrent is already being used by hackers to import malicious software into users' computers. The same has happened with many other series, such as The Walking Dead, Vikings, The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Gray's Anatomy and This Is Us.

With regard to Game of Thrones, 33 types of malware were found. The results of the survey have shown that 20.934 users have already been affected.

The phenomenon is very common. Though 2018 Game of Thrones did not release new episodes, the affected users were over 120.000.

Kaspersky Lab places this malware in the AdWare category. One may think it is legitimate software, but it's easy to get confused and download malicious program.

If you want be safe, you have to watch some things. First, you need to make downloads only from secure sites and only through authorized streaming services. Also, it's a good idea to check if the page is legal and to check the URL. If you want to download someone file, read the comments in this regard. They may be useful to you. Finally, something that is very important in general, and not just for pirated TV series, is not to open suspicious links. Many times, when a link prompts you to open it quickly to see something important, it is dangerous.


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