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How to make sure that a file is secure before downloading

The world of the Internet has a lot to offer us, but it can also cause us a lot of problems. There are billions of users who have access to the internet daily. Most consumers like to have the media in their live streams and there are also some of us who download the material to watch it offline. As for users who want to download material through torrent or other ways, they need to understand the level of risk that their devices can place. So in order to have a better and safer experience, I've written a guide on how to make sure that a file is secure before downloading. Let's start!

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8 Ways to Make sure a file is secure before downloading

There are also several ways to make sure that a file is secure before you download it. The following ways can of course be made by non-qualified users, so let's take a look at them in detail.

Check the Https protocols

The first thing you need to check before downloading files from a particular website is that it has an Http or Https protocol. If the website has an Https protocol, then it is safe for you and you can download your favorite files without worrying about malware.

Always download Authenticated material

There are millions of users who fall into the hacker trap and download free apps. As there are some of the online stores that offer this. So, the best way to check if a version is secure is to search for it yourself and see if any other website has downloaded such software or applications. If not, then you should think about downloading illegal versions of applications that may only contain viruses.

See “Comments”

Before downloading a file, always check the reviews and feedback provided by others. Since this is the best source to know if an application is fake or not.

See the attachments

When installing the software, the user must check what else the software has in his package. For example, many of the media players come with codec packages that are not useful to many users. Even for some of us who do not know why these codec files have been created. This is why, if you do not know the specific function of a file to be installed on your device, try to avoid installing it before it is too late.

Install software from well-known Publishers

If you have just downloaded an .exe file and open it. Your operating system will ask you to give it your permission to install it. However, you should read the entire dialog box that is delivered to you. There is a section that tells you the name of Publisher. If the name seems to be unknown, then you do not have much confidence in this software and you should avoid it for the security of your device.

Download VirusTotal Extension

The best and easiest way to make sure a file is secure before downloading is by accessing the VirusToatl extension for your browser. Such an extension has been created for user safety. Its services can be accessed without any hassle, users only need to right-click on the file link to download.

Always scan before installing

If you downloaded software from the Internet, try to scan it with an antivirus before installing it. Norton antivirus is good enough to complete the job for you. But there is a whole variety of such apps on the market so it's good to try some of them. However, the Windows Firewall can also be useful for providing such installations as well.

Try downloading from trusted "stores"

Always pay attention to platforms that are fully certified and trusted by many users. Andoid device users use Google Play Store users iPhone have access to App Store and Windows users prefer to get the Windows Store services. So try to download apps that are available on official and trusted platforms.


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