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Home security Business scam by email and exploiting GitHub by hackers

Business scam by email and exploiting GitHub by hackers

e-mailEveryday, we read about attacks hacking. One of the most recent is the attempt to cheat a lot of people by email, coming from, supposedly by the UK Disease Control Centers and warning of a flu pandemic. By opening the email and specifically a link, the user's computer was infected by ransomware. Hackers use words such as "warning," "urgency," and others who know they will cause people's fear and therefore mobilization. In this case, for example, users were asked to open a link that would provide them with some flu protection.

When we receive emails that prompt us to quickly open a link, we must be cautious. We must always check the field that the sender writes and even see his full address. It is not difficult for one hacker to change the name. However, if we see the full address we can get a better picture.

Companies and businesses are often targeting attacks. Many times employees are deceived and send large sums of money to alleged companies or bank accounts, which are in fact controlled by hackers.

Insurance company Beezley published one report in order to show the extent of this phenomenon and how negative it is. Experts call these "business email compromise" scams. According to Beezley, ¼ of the attacks last year and reported by customers were of this type. We are talking about a significant increase over 2017.

To reduce the problem, the businesses they should train their employees. Advising them to be careful when someone asks for the immediate transfer of large sums of money as well as to pay attention to other details. It is also suggested to use multi-factor authentication for greater protection.

With GitHub, the open platform used by software developers can also hide risks if developers are not careful. According to a study by North Carolina State University, thousands of cryptographic keys and tokens were discovered. An experienced hacker can use GitHub to find several keys that will give him access to corporate or government systems. That's why developers they must be very careful and protect the data properly.


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