Banning links from embedded browsers for security reasons

Banning links from embedded browsers for security reasons

Google has decided to ban the logins from embedded browsers since June of 2019. Why did he ...
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Malicious AutoHotkey Scripts infect systems for spyware purposes

A new threat appears to have occurred, in which malicious hackers use AutoHotkey scripts to ...
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PS5 details: Is there a risk that hackers will exploit them?

Sony's game developer and creator, Mark Cerny, gave some details about the new PS5 console. In one...
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Cisco warns of vulnerabilities in 9000 series routers

Cisco has released 31 security tips this week, but has focused users on "critical" patches for ...
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HP: Adds the Sure Sense malware blocker to its new devices

HP announced a series of updates and new features for PCs, as well as the official HP release ...
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They illegally recorded private 1,600 customer moments in a hotel in South Korea

South Korea arrested four men accused of online 'private moments' streaming in 1600 hotel rooms.

South Korea

Men reportedly installed mini cameras on TVs, hair dryers to record all private moments that are sold up to $ 6.200 on online platforms.

If the allegations prove correct, then they could reach up to 10 years of imprisonment and 30 million won ($ 26.571, £ 20.175) fine.

The men created a website in November where they allowed users to pay for full videos or watch clips for 30 seconds for free. They say they have posted 803 videos and so far 97 members have paid to get a video. Of course at this time website has come down.

"Police are very strict in dealing with criminals who illegally publish and share videos as they seriously harm human dignity," said the spokesman for the Police Service Seoul in The Herald.

The recent incident has caused disruption to ordinary citizens who have made a national protest against shooting sexually or naked content.

"There was a similar case in the past where illegal cameras were (secretly installed) and recorded, but this is the first time the police found the videos live on the internet," the police said.

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