HomesecurityDo not trust Face ID to secure your data!

Do not trust Face ID to secure your data!

With most manufacturers smartphone to turn to the notch-based design to host face-unlock (Face ID) mode, The risks that lurk for her your device is larger than ever.

Η Noushin Shabab, Senior Safety Researcher Kaspersky Lab, said that responsibility for securing photos collected when unlocking a person's smartphone is exclusively to the device manufacturer.

«Its main security risk face unlock possibility is not bypassing it firewall, but the fact is that an unauthorized person can unlock the device by holding a photograph of the owner or a 3D mask from the owner's face in front of the mobile device. Survivors can also use all of the saved photos for private benefit, such as, for example, targeted advertising"Added Noushin Shabab.

Face ID

Of course, note that violation of face recognition technology varies. In China, most lighting lamps in many cities are equipped with AI-powered CCTV cameras, which map pedestrians for the government's database. In Beijing, some toilets use similar technology to prevent toilet paper theft.

Face ID was designed and developed by Apple Inc. for iPhone (X and not only models) and the iPad Pro (third generation). The system allows for biometric certification to unlock a device, make payments and access sensitive data, as well as detailed tracking of the person's expression for Animoji and other features.