Six people were arrested by Europol for Bitcoin theft

Six people were arrested by Europol for Bitcoin theft

According to a press release released on June 25, Europol in partnership with South West Regional Cyber ​​...
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Why can not I remove Windows 7? But why should it?

As we have mentioned several times in the past, Microsoft is particularly concerned about the world's love for Windows ...
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Phishing campaign infects Windows computers with two types of trojan

A new phishing campaign infects the victims with two popular trojan and hackers seem to try to target ...
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Bank Trojan Riltok has also begun to locate itself in Europe

Riltok, a banking Trojan known for its activity in entities in Russia, seems to have been renewed and now has ...
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An IT service provider paid $ 150.000 to hackers

According to UBX Cloud, one company succumbed to extortion by hackers who placed a ransomware on their systems ...
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How to remove the SIM card from your iPhone and for what reasons

cardWhen you give your phone to someone else, either due to some repair or because you decide to give it or sell it to someone, it is necessary to remove the card YES.

The SIM card is one of the most important elements of the phone. It's about your phone number. Without it, you can not make or receive calls.

The process of transferring your number to another iPhone is very easy.

Here are the steps you need to take to remove the SIM card from an iPhone:

The first thing to do is get the special tool that opens the SIM card slot. If you do not have it, you can buy online or just use a clip. It can easily do the same job.

Then go to the right side of it iPhone to find the SIM slot. At that point, there is a very small hole in which you have to place the tool (or the connector) to open the SIM holder and remove it.

Push the tool tip into the hole and the "tray" opens.

As soon as the case enters out, pull it out and remove the SIM card. Put the case back in place to protect it from dust.

The exact same things you should do to put the SIM on your new phone. The process is very simple.

In which cases should you remove the SIM card from your phone?

As we said above, the SIM card is a very basic element of it phone and very important to you, since it contains data that concerns you. Of course, if someone wants to access your mobile data can do so even if there is no SIM card. Removing it protects you from third party access to calls, contacts, messages (if stored on the SIM). Therefore, when changing a device it is necessary to remove the card, whether you want to place it on your new phone or not.

Also, remove the SIM in case you need to go to your phone for repair.

It is necessary to take some measures security. SIM cards contain data and information that can cause us great problems if they fall into the wrong hands.

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