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Home security Opera offers a free Android VPN service

Opera offers a free Android VPN service


Η Opera released the latest mobile version of the mobile browser for Android, with various updates, including the introduction of an embedded service VPN. The company has been providing VPN functionality to its computer browser for years and has been testing it for a beta version for mobile phone users since February.

The use of VPN has become very popular in recent years, as there is great concern about privacy and Internet security. Especially when it comes to connecting a device to a public Wi-Fi, or for targeted advertising, user concerns grow even more.

For those who do not know, virtual private networks (VPNs) work by creating an encrypted connection from your device to a remote server, from which you can communicate with the sites without having to connect directly from your own address. IP.

Opera has previously offered its own VPN service to its users, called "Opera VPN," but has stopped providing it with 2018.

To enable VPN in Opera 51, first tap the Opera logo, then go to Settings and tap to toggle VPN. There should be a VPN icon next to the address bar for quick access that also indicates if you are logged in. VPN is enabled by default on private tabs.

According to the company, the new update of its VPN service is available completely free of charge, offers unlimited bandwidth while providing a secure connection.

The update does however bring a few more changes, such as support for "crypto-pairing" between Opera on your desktop and your smartphone, to allow secure access to crypto wallets. It also offers faster boot times, support for speech-to-text APIs, and improvements to the browser's "fast scroller" capabilities.



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