Six people were arrested by Europol for Bitcoin theft

Six people were arrested by Europol for Bitcoin theft

According to a press release released on June 25, Europol in partnership with South West Regional Cyber ​​...
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Why can not I remove Windows 7? But why should it?

As we have mentioned several times in the past, Microsoft is particularly concerned about the world's love for Windows ...
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Phishing campaign infects Windows computers with two types of trojan

A new phishing campaign infects the victims with two popular trojan and hackers seem to try to target ...
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Bank Trojan Riltok has also begun to locate itself in Europe

Riltok, a banking Trojan known for its activity in entities in Russia, seems to have been renewed and now has ...
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An IT service provider paid $ 150.000 to hackers

According to UBX Cloud, one company succumbed to extortion by hackers who placed a ransomware on their systems ...
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HP unveils security services and consumer computers

HP Several new offers have been revealed in HP Reinvent. Among them is a security service as well as the circulation of consumer and commercial computers.

Security Service

Endpoints are a basic attack. Many companies have been attacked through an endpoint, resulting in a violation of their data.

That's why HP introduces a security service that enforces policies, monitors, and threats.

The HP DaaS Proactive Security Service goes one step ahead of anti-virus and offers extra protection. The service expands protection and security and turns endpoints from the greatest risk into your biggest defense. The service protects against malware in real-time through HP TechPulse.

The service also features security self-assessment tools and online security tools (incidents and online security services from Aon). HP works with Aon to offer comprehensive security solutions to commercial organizations and better meet customer needs.

HP DaaS Proactive Security Service will be available from April of 2019. It will start from America but will soon be available in more than 50 countries.

Computers for Workers

The company is also interested in small and medium-sized businesses. It has expanded its AMD commercial portfolio with the addition of HP ProBook 445R G6, ProBook 455R G6 and ProDesk 405 G4 Desktop Mini, which it has designed for the workforce of small and medium-sized businesses.

The HP ProBook 445R G6 and ProBook 455R G6, powered by second generation AMD processors, are ideal for professionals. They are elegant in design with an ultra-thin aluminum frame and subjected to 19 MIL-STD tests for durability testing. The device can be "opened" by 180 degrees, so it can be completely flat, which helps in many cases. In addition, HP Noise Cancellation reduces ambient noise up to 20dB, delivering an amazing audio experience. The two notebooks will be available as of June.

The HP ProDesk 405 G4 Desktop Mini is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers amazing performance and security. And this features a sleek design and second-generation AMD Ryzen PRO with built-in Radeon Vega graphics. It can also support up to three screens. The laptop will be available from April with a starting price of $ 499.

Face-to-face communication between employees and colleagues is essential. So, nowadays, communication methods such as Skype and Zoom are ideal solutions. The company proposes new communication solutions, such as the HP Zoom Room. HP Zoom Rooms provide easy, customizable and flexible meeting room choices that are safe and manageable in small, medium and large organizations. HP Zoom Rooms Solutions solutions are expected to be available from July. Still their price is not known.

Computers for consumers

People give great importance to the computer they choose. The new HP ENVY and x360 notebook series has HP Command Center for powerful performance, sleek design and security. It also includes a fingerprint reader, a camera lock switch, and a screen saver so as not to expose its contents.

The ENVY 13 Laptop features the latest Intel processors and offers a battery life of 19 hours. The ENVY 13 laptop is expected to be available in April through with a starting price of $ 899,99.

The new ENYY x360 13 features a second-generation AMD Ryzen processor and the battery lasts for 14,5 hours. It will be available from April with a starting price of $ 699,99.

The ENVY x360 15 comes with either an AMD processor or an eighth-generation Intel Core ™ processor and its battery lasts up to 13 hours. It also has an AMOLED screen, which offers amazing video surveillance experience. It will be available in April through with a starting price of $ 869,99.

ENVY 17 Laptop features an eighth generation Intel Core ™ processor and NVIDIA's GeForce MX250 graphics card. The device has an 17 inch screen, which is configured to offer an amazing video viewing experience. It is expected to be available in April through with a starting price of $ 899,99.

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