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Home security Windows 10: Automatically remove "problematic updates"

Windows 10: Automatically Removes "Troubleshooting"

If you have automatically received Windows 10 updates that are not compatible with your device, you do not have to worry. Η Microsoft says that Windows 10 can now remove “problematic updates”Without requiring user interactionan operation aimed at addressing issues with more serious incompatibility problems, especially those that prevent a Windows 10 computer from booting.

The operating system will attempt to cope with failure by uninstalling recently installed updates, but this "last solution" will be taken only when other auto-recovery attempts have failed.


Why is this important for your business:

Sometimes we have postponed upgrading to the latest version of Windows because ... "since it works well why should I get tired?" And let's face it - sometimes these upgrades crash rather than fix features.

Undoubtedly, upgrade whenever there is one new version is an important thing to do to protect our systems against malware and data breaches.

With this new feature we can be quieter for our current upgrades of Windows. But never forget to be informed about new updates because they are your shield in possible attacks.


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