NordVPN: The most reliable VPN service provider
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NordVPN: The most reliable VPN service provider

Find Out the Best VPN Service on the Market What is a VPN A Virtual Private Network or VPN,
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Finally, abuse of the Twitter API by application developers

According to information, Twitter has decided to exercise control over from now on application developers. Specifically to them ...
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BIS discovers Russian hackers, part of an international network

A post by the Czech Respekt just published a story that provides more details about a recent successful business information ...
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These are the first ten security vulnerabilities most exploited by the hacker

Security vulnerabilities in Microsoft software have become an even more popular means of attack by cyber criminals ...
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New Ransomware exploits the vulnerability in WinRAR

After the detection of WinRAR vulnerability, a new ransomware comes into play, exploiting this vulnerability ...
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EthiHak 2019: Recordings opened! Sign up now

Time counts backwards to start the bigger one live hacking event of the year! The reason of course for EthiHak is organized for the fourth consecutive year. This year, the and HackTheBox uniting their forces to realize EthiHak, At the conference Infocom Security 2019.

This year's contest EthiHak also hosts the qualifiers for it ECSC 2019 To be held at Bucharest!

Registrations have now been opened and the process is as follows:

  1. Registration

If you want to be distinguished in the ECSC competition you should also put your age.

  1. CreateTeam (Only teams can join CTF on the Hack The Box platform, so your team will only have one player, you!)
  2. Then do it Join the EthiHak 2019 CTF from the CTF page in the left menu.
  3. In the next step we put the code iOkEuBhUjeSk8U6w5 to join the CTF

For more information on how to proceed, as well as on the terms of the competition, you can always be informed by the following link:

Finally do not forget about your participation in the competition EthiHak you have to bring him with you your personal computer. We recall that this year will be allowed participation outside natural facilities.

However, if you want to compete outside the facilities, you should know that you will not be able to claim the grand prize EthiHak of 1000 € but also the other rich gifts that will be available for everyone!

We look forward to you with great joy at the meeting point of the conference (in the secretariat of Ethihak!) on 09: 00 just at 17 April 2019!

If for any reason you decide to compete off-site, you should update by email at

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