Hackers-creators of famous Banking Trojans work together for the perfect attack!

Hackers-creators of famous Banking Trojans work together for the perfect attack!

Banking Trojans are popular in criminal systems, given the valuable data and financial service credentials that can ...
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What are DoS attacks and what tools are being implemented?

Before the DDoS attacks occur, their predecessors, known as Denial of Service attacks (DoS), formed the ...
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NordVPN: The most reliable VPN service provider

Find Out the Best VPN Service on the Market What is a VPN A Virtual Private Network or VPN,
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Finally, abuse of the Twitter API by application developers

According to information, Twitter has decided to exercise control over from now on application developers. Specifically to them ...
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BIS discovers Russian hackers, part of an international network

A post by the Czech Respekt just published a story that provides more details about a recent successful business information ...
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Facebook down: Facebook confirms that it was not hacked last night!

Facebook confirms it has not happened hacked!

The Facebook and his family (Instagram, Messenger) were down for most users last night.

According to user reports, at Messenger photos, videos and audio messages could not be sent while it was in Facebook and Instagram most of the time they did not even load.

In addition, a number of Facebook sites have been a serious problem, leaving thousands of users without access to social media for several hours.


WhatsApp - which also belongs to Facebok - was also affected by customer service issues, although it did not seem to have been as hard as the other applications.

While there have been speculations that the site may have been targeted by a denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, the company said this was not the case.

«We are trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We have focused on trying to solve the problem, but the only thing that is sure is that it is not related to an attack DDoS"Added Facebok.

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