A Google Photos flaw could expose your location

A Google Photos flaw could expose your location

A vulnerability in Google Photos, discovered by Imperva, a cyber-security software company, allows ...
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What is spear phishing and how can we protect it

In our time, phishing attacks, also known as "phishing," are emerging as a growing threat. So it's very ...
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Hackers-creators of famous Banking Trojans work together for the perfect attack!

Banking Trojans are popular in criminal systems, given the valuable data and financial service credentials that can ...
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What are DoS attacks and what tools are being implemented?

Before the DDoS attacks occur, their predecessors, known as Denial of Service attacks (DoS), formed the ...
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NordVPN: The most reliable VPN service provider

Find Out the Best VPN Service on the Market What is a VPN A Virtual Private Network or VPN,
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Mozilla releases new file sharing service

filesToday we are very vulnerable. Hackers can acquire our personal data in just one click. Sending files to our friends may be blocked if our system is compromised.

Today the Mozilla an encrypted file transfer service, called 'Firefox Send', is released. This is an online application that is available to the public for free use. Two years ago, this service started as a pilot service for a specific user group. It's now available for everyone and lets you share your files from your computer with your friends. The files you share can be up to 2,5 GB. The web application provides end-to-end protection to the user by providing a special link that expires automatically. The main intent is to keep user data as private as possible.

During the trial period, Mozilla offered the application only 1GB. In this new release, 1GB is provided for free to the user. You need to sign up for the Firefox account for free. Once you have registered, you will be given 2,5 GB for file sharing. In addition, you can use this web application as an alternative to email. According to Mozilla, Snapchat was the inspiration for the design. You can set your own password for uploaded files. Mozilla then offers you a link that you can send to the recipient and he can download the link without having to create a Mozilla account.

However, according to security experts, it is good not to upload documents that contain your personal information to the file sharing service. This is because there is a chance that something goes wrong.

Mozilla plans to release the Send beta app next week. Firefox Send is officially available. You can see it here.

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