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ETHIHAK 2019: Unleash your inner hacker!

Dear friends, we are back! ... just as we promised you.

After three successful EthiHak contests, SecNews can only continue the biggest live-hacking experience became the institution, for the fourth consecutive year with the support of Infocom Security, the largest cyber security conference in Greece. Are you ready for battle?

The HackTheBox (HTB) ( undertakes the setup of the contest and promises you an unforgettable experience.

Preparations have already begun and continue with fiery rhythms, as the biggest hacking event of the year will take place on 17-18 April 2019, at the Dais Exhibition Center as part of Infocom Security.



And this year the EthiHak competition will serve as a preliminary competition for the establishment of this year's national team within the framework of ECSC 2019 (
Of course, there is a place for each of you in EthiHak 2019! The ECSC 2019 team, which will travel this year to Bucharest, Romania, to compete in this year's ECSC will staff aged people 14-25 years. For more information on the ECSC competition and the Greek Cyber ​​Security Team Press here.

The final ten, to be determined by the EthiHak score, is not necessarily the final ten to be trained in the National Team, which will be determined by all the National Team training sessions.

With your support, our vision has come true and so for another year, both professionals and non-hackers, security researchers, but also simple fans will have it ability to compete against multiple live goals, testing their abilities.

The EthiHak was born for the sake of all security enthusiasts are practicing the use of attack tools against real goals!

In addition, we all hope that EthiHak will contribute to awareness and awareness of the public, about modern threats, security gaps but also the ones inside used by the powerful now hackers to bypass security systems.

For the prepare you, on whatever level you are, you can start training sessions at

It is worth noting that the contestants will be able to compete as units and not as teams.

Finally, do not forget about your participation in the competition Ethihak you should bring your own computer with you.

We are waiting for you and we promise you moments full of energy, twists and turns, but also many surprises!

ETHIHAK CTF - a few words

  • Will exist a scoreboard that will be visible online and will be updated real-time based on the performance of the contestants.
  • The CTF it will not be a single challenge but a set of challenges which will be graded and evaluated separately.
  • The recordings to participate online at the following link:
  • I am a big fan of challenges will not be progressive difficulty, nor will it be necessary to follow a conventional approach to their solution, without this not being solved by such.
  • Even after the final score on the scoreboard at the end of the exercise, the 1 position will be picked up by the person who scored the highest score on the scoreboard.

Great Attention !!

Registration Process: To become accept registration you must provide VALID details (when registering) to be accepted by the administrators. This means that after checking your details, registration will be accepted and the user name will be displayed on the portal's scoreboard.

ATTENTION: Users will be identified by their first name and username on the day of Ethihak. Participants should be there at 09: 00 because 10: 00 just the party starts !!

EthiHak 2019 Tender Process

The following rules must be met in order to win the coveted first place:

  1. One Rule: No Rules - No hints! (Think out of the box!).
  2. Worldwide shipping and order information will be given at the beginning of the script, on Wednesday 17 / 4 on 10: 00 just!
  3. It should be strictly observed respect for good behavior: Respect co-participants, as you would like them to respect (eg, No DDoS, not bruises / holes, etc.). In case of inappropriate behavior there will be exclusion from the contest as the space will be constantly monitored by conference staff.
  4. EXCLUSIVELY PROHIBITED attack (physical or electronic) to another company / organization / body / natural and / or legal entity of any law, domestic / foreign, etc., other than the given target company. Infringers will suffer the consequences of the law and no co-organizers are responsible.
  5. Participation in the contest will take place from the premises. Nevertheless there will be the right to participate and outside the premises. The difference will be that those who compete on-site will have a clear lead.
  6. At this point, let us mention that our minors participating in our friends are required to have a written parental consent to receive the 1000 Euro cash prize, if winners are placed.



  • Only natural persons have the right to participate in the competition. The competition excludes employees of HackTheBox, Smartpress and the IT site
  • The duration of the contest is from 17 / 04 / 2019 10: 00 - 17: 00 and 18 / 04 / 2019 10: 00 - 14: 00 where the committee will decide the final winner.
  • An honest participation is considered to be the one that correctly contains all the fields in the form.
  • H winners will be awarded at 18 / 04 / 2019 after the end of the competition and will be published in the Social media and HackTheBox's and Smartpress's Smartpress websites
  • I am a big fan of personal data is forbidden to be transferred to third parties.
  • Η participation in the live EthiHak Contest FREE!
  • Maximum number of participants 80.

So give yourself the opportunity to become one this year's winner of the pioneering Ethihak Contest 2019 winning the big prize, and also ensuring interviews with the largest cyber-security companies in Greece!

Are you ready to claim what you deserve? Stay tuned in Secnews as more information will become available in the coming days.

Stay tuned - go ahead with your registration:

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