A Google Photos flaw could expose your location

A Google Photos flaw could expose your location

A vulnerability in Google Photos, discovered by Imperva, a cyber-security software company, allows ...
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What is spear phishing and how can we protect it

In our time, phishing attacks, also known as "phishing," are emerging as a growing threat. So it's very ...
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Hackers-creators of famous Banking Trojans work together for the perfect attack!

Banking Trojans are popular in criminal systems, given the valuable data and financial service credentials that can ...
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What are DoS attacks and what tools are being implemented?

Before the DDoS attacks occur, their predecessors, known as Denial of Service attacks (DoS), formed the ...
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NordVPN: The most reliable VPN service provider

Find Out the Best VPN Service on the Market What is a VPN A Virtual Private Network or VPN,
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Xiaomi Smartphones will be sold more expensive, says CEO Lei Jun

XiaomiSince Xiaomi entered the world of mobile phones, it has become popular as it is a company that offers high standards at affordable prices and competes worthy of companies such as Samsung and OnePlus. However, this may change soon, according to the words of CEO Lei Jun.

In accordance with Technode, Xiaomi will soon increase the price of its smartphones in order to change its reputation as a cheap hardware manufacturer.

Lei said: "In fact, we want to get rid of this rumor that our phones cost less than 2.000 RMB. We want to invest more in our devices and build better products. "

The report also states that the latest Mi 9 was the company's latest device with a price below 3.000 CNY and that the upcoming smartphones will be a bit more expensive but not too expensive.

It would be interesting to see how the change in Xiaomi's pricing strategies will affect the company as a whole.

Xiaomi's plan to change its reputation could have opposite effects, as cheap hardware is the USP of the company. Also, we can not ignore the fact that the company has so far gained a fairly high percentage of users in India as well as China and has acquired many loyal users.

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  1. You get more radiation with the microwave than with the cell phone. Check your sources better and read relevant articles from independent medical inquiries.

  2. Before we buy mobiles we should look at the degree of radiation (SAR) because many of the models like what they want to increase the price. have very high indicators ...

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