NordVPN: The most reliable VPN service provider
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NordVPN: The most reliable VPN service provider

Find Out the Best VPN Service on the Market What is a VPN A Virtual Private Network or VPN,
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Finally, abuse of the Twitter API by application developers

According to information, Twitter has decided to exercise control over from now on application developers. Specifically to them ...
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BIS discovers Russian hackers, part of an international network

A post by the Czech Respekt just published a story that provides more details about a recent successful business information ...
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These are the first ten security vulnerabilities most exploited by the hacker

Security vulnerabilities in Microsoft software have become an even more popular means of attack by cyber criminals ...
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New Ransomware exploits the vulnerability in WinRAR

After the detection of WinRAR vulnerability, a new ransomware comes into play, exploiting this vulnerability ...
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Ashampoo ActionCam: Contest

If you're looking for an easy way to improve the image quality in your videos, Ashampoo ActionCam is what you need. Take part in the contest organized by and claim one of the five licenses.


Shuffled videos are steadily in a few seconds

Action cameras are often at the heart of most downloads nowadays. The resulting videos, however, are usually unstable because the camera failed to stabilize them. This can of course give an interesting momentum, but it can also make viewing experience less qualitative. Ashampoo ActionCam features next-generation video stabilization! Even manual shots become more stable for a realistic, smooth viewing experience - with maximum resolution, of course!

Stop the lens deformations!

Wide-angle and fisheye lenses bring viewers to the center of action. However, when the videos that have been taken, monitored on a computer or on a TV screen, many would prefer to return to "normal" viewing. Ashampoo ActionCam fixes lens deformations magically! The program includes a range of camera profiles, including the GoPro line, for realistic uninfocused visual effects at the touch of a button!

Strong contrast and color optimization

Improve video quality by optimizing colors and contrasts. With just a few clicks, your shots will look more vivid, realistic and interesting. Use the white balance to make your videos appear hotter or cooler and selective brightness, shade and shadow to add extra interest to your videos. Wherever your videos come from, multi-dimensional optimization at Ashampoo ActionCam will help you create amazing visual effects!

Excellent clarity and fast lighting processing

Fast downloads and downloads taken by drones are often poorly defined. Ashampoo ActionCam has highly efficient quality optimization algorithms to remove any visible blur from your videos. Built-in multi-video editing helps you work even faster with multi-click editing with one touch!

Crop the video you need

Some programs have difficult-to-use processors that take a lot of time to learn. The ActionCam Video Editor focuses on the tools you really need! Rotate and flip your videos with fixed or customized steps and use the crop to highlight the details of your shots. Export your downloads or merge multiple clips into a final video more easily than ever before!

Work with texts and effects

In many cases, comments and effects provide the ultimate touch for your videos. Ashampoo ActionCam lets you add text and stunning effects such as tilt shift. There is a possibility of selecting elements in the video, for incredible results in landscapes. Unleash your creativity and give your personal touch to your videos.

Become a master of speed

Ashampoo ActionCam can change the playback speeds for your videos. Most action cameras record on 60 fps, leaving plenty of room for stunning slow-motion downloads. Of course, time is always available for processing, e.g. to accelerate the less important parts without problems and without the need for additional steps.

Ideal for fans of drones!

The drones offer exciting shots that only the pilots could experience a few years ago. Ashampoo ActionCam processes videos with incredible ease and speed. Common problems like camera shake, bad colors, contrast or sharpness are determined by just a few clicks to help you conquer the sky (visually)!

In order to participate in the contest leave your comment in the comment section below. The contest ends on Sunday 10 March. The winners will be announced after a draw on Monday 11 March and will be informed in the email they will declare when joining. The names of the winners will also be posted in this post.

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