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9 important bugs that companies need to fix right away

errorsThe Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a California-based digital rights organization, has launched an "Fix It Already" initiative that highlights nine major privacy and security bugs that need to be addressed. directly the technology companies. The 9 themes are found on various technology platforms, including social media, operating system, business platforms and many more.

As EFF describes, some of these errors are due to incorrect company decisions, while others are security flaws that could endanger the privacy and user data.

Here are the 9 topics that need to be fixed right away.

  1. The Android should allow users to refuse and revoke application licenses. Many people do not want to share their data with application developers.
  2. Apple should allow users to encrypt their iCloud copies. ICloud is an important part of Apple's system and many people use it. Apple can access your data at any time and EFF asks the iPhone manufacturer to develop encryption on it.
  3. Facebook should stop sharing your phone number with advertisers when you place it for 2FA or receive notifications. This can help the company improve its already bad image.
  4. Slack should stop keeping the workspace messages and give account holders full access to their messages. Even when the account holder decides to leave Slack, his messages are kept on the platform for an indefinite period of time.
  5. The Twitter you need to develop end-to-end encryption in instant messaging. Right now Twitter can read our DMs.
  6. Venmo, Paypal's Paying Service, should allow users to list their friends privately. This is a major security flaw, which Venmo needs to correct as soon as possible.
  7. Verizon should provide an option to disable or delete AppFlash app pre-installed on its phones. The application is a spyware that shares the details of the apps you install on your smartphone with your Verizon partners.
  8. WhatsApp should add a feature that allows you to reject annoying group invitations. Currently, you can block a group or leave a group, but what if you do not want to be a member of this group from the beginning?
  9. Microsoft should allow Windows 10 users to keep the encryption keys of their disks for themselves. This is a failure in Microsoft's encryption engine. The company must provide such an option for users who do not want to share the encryption key with Microsoft.

EFF has asked users for their opinion and asked them if they have encountered any of the issues included in the "Fix It Already" campaign.

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