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Samsung Bixby now understands British English, Spanish, German and Italian

Samsung Bixby now speaks English, German, Italian and Spanish. That's more than double the number of languages ​​it previously spoke - just three - American English, Korean and Chinese.


Samsung has long stated that it is working on upgrading Bixby for the better, and its announcement today at the Unpacked event means that more people will be able to use Bixby if they want. Interestingly, today's announcement does not include French, a romantic language usually taught alongside Italian and Spanish. The European languages ​​were previously beta. Users in Europe will also see that bixby will be compatible with more third party services.

As part of the expansion, Bixby will also be able to speak between British English and American English. It also highlights the question of whether Bixby can understand the difference in English from other countries, such as Australia, Singapore or South Africa. Even with today's new update for Vixby, the voice assistant is still coming after Google Assistant and Siri Apple when it comes to language support. Google Assistant currently supports over twelve languages, while Siri's voice assistant can understand 20 languages.

The extension extends to the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 devices and selects previous models, including all Galaxy Note 9 and 8, S9 and S8 devices that use Android Pie. The Bixby update makes it more user-friendly all over the world, but it's still not as flexible as Google Assistant or Alexa in understanding voice commands.


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