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This wireless charger keeps your beverages warm

chargerIf there's a multi-purpose device that's definitely worth having in your office, it's this device. The fast Nomodo Wireless Qi charger with the Mug Warmer / Drink Cooler is three gadgets in one. First, it's a smartphone smartphone charger, which is something everyone should have in his office anyway. Secondly, it works as hot, to keep your beverages warm, which is useful, but we often do not bother to buy. Third, it works as a cooler to keep your drinks cool.

The value of the three-mode gadget is in 79.9 $.

Here are some of the key features of the product:

Charge: The Nomodo Trio quickly charges your wireless device using Qi Fast Charging technology. Nowadays, our phone is the extension of our hand. One way to avoid annoying charging cables is to use the Qi charging cradle. Each Qi can be connected directly to the base, enabling you to monitor the device's fast charging.

Keeps the beverages warm: The appliance can keep coffee and tea warm while working through the heated plate.

Keeps the drinks cool: One of the most annoying things when we drink a drink is that the ice cubes melt and change its taste. The cooling plate keeps the drinks cold so that we do not face this problem.

What the company provides: The company offers high quality products at a very good price.

What's in the box: (1) Nomodo Trio, (1) Power Adapter, (1) Coffee Mug, (1) 1 year warranty


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