WhatsApp users do not update the app after last week's violation

WhatsApp users do not update the app after last week's violation

A number of WhatsApp users have not updated their applications since last week's announcement that the hacker ...
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Google: Adding a recovery phone number helps prevent attacks

In a report released on Friday, Google highlighted the importance of linking a phone number to an account ....
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Unrelated Ethereum Clients endanger the entire network

According to a survey by SRLabs, Ethereum clients, who have not received security updates, are at risk ...
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How To Secure Your Android Device In 5 Simple Steps

Google monitors all your Android device's activities to collect data to show you targeted ads ....
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Hacker publishes non-flattery golf scores on a Trump account

Four miserable 101, 100, 108 and 102 returns were published in the President's account for Golf Handicap and Information ...
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Ashampoo® Video Deflicker: Contest SecNews.gr

If you want to get rid of the annoying flicker of the image in your video, then the program Ashampoo® Video Deflicker is right for you. Take part in the contest organized by SecNews.gr and claim one of 5 licenses.


Fix the annoying flicker on your videos

Especially when you are shooting time-lapse videos, there is a great chance of annoying flickering of the picture. Ashampoo Video Deflicker automatically corrects flickering videos, even the flicker caused by video taken by drone or airplane. The program takes care to correct the flicker of the screen even when filming it from the computer screen without having to manually manipulate the user! Enjoy flicker-free videos and visually steady! Ashampoo Video Deflicker does more than what its name implies. The program reverses, cuts and rotates video either 90 / 180 / 270 degrees or free with customized image formats and aspect ratios. And while other programs force you to click on multiple inline menus, Ashampoo Video Deflicker brings all the functions to an easily accessible point with sliders and text boxes for quick introduction. Improve colors and white balance or optimize exposure and saturation. Ashampoo Video Deflicker converts your camera's videos into realistic and live video with support for all common formats in any resolution (including HD, 2K and 4K).

Main Characteristics:

  • Automatically removes the flicker in your video
  • Optimizes white balance, exposure and color saturation
  • Rotates and reverses videos with ease
  • Rotates the shots freely
  • It cuts video in any form

In order to participate in the contest leave your comment in the comment section below. The contest ends on Friday 22 February. The winners will be announced after the draw and will be informed of the email they will declare when joining. The names of the winners will also be posted in this post.

Update 24 / 02 / 2019: The winners of the contest

  • Konstantinos Karabelas
  • Dimitris Pavlou
  • Konstantinos MS
  • Harris Karouzos
  • Sotiris

Congratulations to everybody!

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