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Facebook watches the location of those who have a negative comment on Zuckerberg

locationFacebook has a tremendous amount of data and so far we know that the company can track people when they use the app. In a stunning revelation, made by the CNBC, it was found that Facebook is also tracking the location of all those users who threaten employees and the company.

According to CNBC, more than a dozen former employees Facebook have confirmed that the company keeps a record of negative comments and in some cases monitors those people who may endanger employees and the company itself.

"Our security team is there to keep Facebook employees safe," said a Facebook spokesman. "They use special measures to assess and address threats of violence against our employees and our company and refer those threats to law enforcement services when necessary."

Facebook maintains a "be on lookout" or "BOLO" list, which has been updated weekly since the company launched it in 2008. Each time a new person is added to the list, Facebook promotes details, including the username , his photo, general location and a brief description of why he was added to the security team list.

The criteria for adding to this list are varied. While some users were added to send a threatening message to Facebook employees, others were added simply because they commented "F ** k you, Mark," or "I'm gonna go kick your a **".

The way Facebook handles its data and uses it for its own purposes, even if it is to protect its employees, does not negate the fact that it violates users' privacy. If you have blamed Facebook or commented negatively on Mark Zuckerberg, chances are you are on the company's "BOLO" list and your location is being monitored.


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