A Google Photos flaw could expose your location

A Google Photos flaw could expose your location

A vulnerability in Google Photos, discovered by Imperva, a cyber-security software company, allows ...
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What is spear phishing and how can we protect it

In our time, phishing attacks, also known as "phishing," are emerging as a growing threat. So it's very ...
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Hackers-creators of famous Banking Trojans work together for the perfect attack!

Banking Trojans are popular in criminal systems, given the valuable data and financial service credentials that can ...
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What are DoS attacks and what tools are being implemented?

Before the DDoS attacks occur, their predecessors, known as Denial of Service attacks (DoS), formed the ...
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NordVPN: The most reliable VPN service provider

Find Out the Best VPN Service on the Market What is a VPN A Virtual Private Network or VPN,
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New Key Discounts for Windows 10 Pro (from € 9.17) and Office!

The G2DEAL continues this month with great offers for genuine software licenses for Windows 10 and Office, on the occasion of the celebration of the Chinese New Year (5 February 2019).

The Windows 10 operating system brings many new features to Windows PCs and the "pressure" it exerts microsoft to upgrade users to the latest version, buying a genuine key is imperative, especially for those who have stayed with older versions of Windows (e.g. Windows 7).

Windows 10

On the occasion of the celebration of the Chinese New Year, G2deal.com offers great discounts on its products microsoft, and not only. All the products of the store at software category will have additional discount 15% using the coupon JG2DEAL15

Among other things, through discounting, we can achieve extremely low prices on the following products:

Fast delivery and impeccable technical support

The G2deal.com offers us the best possible services. Immediately after ordering any product, we will get through e-mail the code we chose.

If we encounter any problem or have any questions, we can contact technical support to resolve the problem immediately.

How do I order from G2deal.com;

The procedure to order a product from G2deal.com it's pretty simple. Below we describe the procedure for purchasing the OEM version of Windows 10 Pro, using the coupon "JG2DEAL15". All we have to do is add the software to our shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Cart«.

Then we move to our basket by the button on the top right. Here we paste the code into the field shown in the picture.

By clicking the "Apply Coupon", We will see that the discount will be passed on to our product.

Finally, with the "Proceed to Checkout"We are transferred to the payment page where we can choose the method that suits us.

After completing our details, we confirm the order. After payment, we will receive in our email the codes for the products we ordered without any further delays.

We then download the software directly from Microsoft. We use the product key we received to activate Windows or Office.

You can try it instantly G2deal.com by following the link. For more information, you can send email to g2deal@outlook.com. The customer support team will respond instantly to solve your questions.

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