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10 companies that tried to buy Facebook

The Facebook, as we all know, is not only one of the most popular and popular platforms for billions of users but also "Sea bass" for the hungry executives I would like to merge with or even better buy it.


So let's see, at times, which companies were asking for a little dose of magic from Facebook.

  1. Anonymous financier from New York offered 10 millions of dollars.

Facebook has released 2004. Just four months later 20 then Mark Zuckerberg he accepted the offer, which he never took seriously.

  1. Friendster

Jim Scheinman, a former director Friendster, 2007 had said in VentureBeat:

"I found a small company from Harvard, which we are likely to acquire. This is a startup quite pioneering for the season, is called The Facebook. "

  1. Google

Zuckerberg and his colleagues from Harvard had hired a home in Palo Alto, California, in the summer of 2004. At that time they received a visit from some of her executives Google who wanted to buy Facebook.

This meeting did not go well, but Google tried 2007 again by proposing to take on Facebook's international ads. In the end, Google has never been able to close the deal, but the giant's great interest in reforming his little company Mark Zuckerberg.

  1. Viacom

In the spring of 2005, the Viacom 75 offered millions of dollars to buy the company. Zuckerberg denies.

Viacom does not resign. In the autumn of 2005, Zuckerberg goes to New York to meet with CEO, Tom Freston, with no results.

Shortly thereafter, Viacom sent Facebook a worth of 1,5 billion dollars - 800 million dollars in cash ahead, while the rest paid later.

Facebook is almost sold, according to "The Facebok Effect," but wanted a bigger advance payment. Viacom's CFO refuses to pay so much for a company with so little revenue. The deal was dissolved. Viacom never came back.

  1. MySpace

In the spring of 2005, Chris DeWolfe visited Zuckerberg and his team. Zuckerberg, Sean Parker and Matt Cohler met DeWolfe, "but only because they considered him interesting and were curious about MySpace».

At the meeting, Zuckerberg asked DeWolfe if MySpace would buy Facebook for 75 million dollars. DeWolfe said no. When they met again later that year, Zuckerberg raised the price to 750 million dollars and DeWolfe declined again.

  1. NewsCorp, the new parent of MySpace.

In January of 2006, Ross Levinsohn, her boss News Corp, he wanted to buy TheFacebook, but he was worried that he could not maintain his growth.

  1. NBC

Although not many details are offered, its executives NBC they made their own attempt to buy 2005.

  1. Yahoo

In the summer of 2006, the Yahoo has decided to offer Facebook a billion dollars. Facebook's investors and many of its executives wanted to sell, but Facebook was ready to start News Feed and if he was doing well, Zuckerberg believed that the company would be worth more than 1 billion dollars.

After disappointing Q2 earnings announcement, Yahoo reduced its offer to 850 million dollars. Facebook council took 10 minutes to reject the reduced offer, according to the "The Facebook Effect«.

In the autumn of 2006, Yahoo returned by offering 1 a billion dollars or more, but by then, Facebook had opened the site to people beyond college students and students.

  1. AOL

Inside 2006, the CEO of XNUMX AOL, Jonathan Miller, decided he wanted to buy Facebook. His plan: AOL would sell MapQuest and Tegic. Time Inc would sell IPC. Together they will offer 1 billion dollars.

  1. microsoft

"Why do not we buy for 15 billions of dollars?" Microsoft CEO Mark Zuckerberg asked 2007.

Determined to keep Facebook away from Google, its CEO Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, proposed to buy the company. THE Ballmer knew that Zuckerberg would never give up on Facebook's control, so he came to an agreement based on the acquisition of Genentech by Hoffman-LaRoche.

The redemption never took place, but Microsoft bought 1,6% of Facebok for about 250 million dollars. This agreement, which set Facebok's value in 15 billions of dollars, predicted that Facebook would have to notify Microsoft if it took seriously the takeover bid from Google.

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