EthiHak 2019: The final ten!
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EthiHak 2019: The final ten!

For another year, the big fight ended, the screens went out and EthiHak's two-day weekend would leave ...
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KEVIN MITNICK - EXCLUSIVE: The official interview of the famous hacker!

Are you ready for the first, official interview of Kevin Mitnick, the most famous hacker of our time, in Greece, exclusively at SecNews TV? Undoubtedly, ...
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Iranian hackers engage in espionage campaigns in the West

In the last two years, Iranian hackers are particularly active. They have made many attacks on many companies throughout the ...
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Cyber-security Verint is a victim of ransomware

A victim of ransomware dropped the offices of the American security company Verint cyber security in Israel. A screenshot released yesterday online ...
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Variant of Cryptomix Ransomware is installed through Remote Desktop

CryptoMix ransomware is still alive as a new variant has been identified as having spread. This new version adds ...
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Six Linux Distributions were tested on the Dell XPS 9380 Laptop

As Dell offers the choice of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as a Linux option with the new XPS 9380 laptop, what happens if Bionic Beaver does not interest you? As part of Dell XPS 9380 testing with the Core i7 8565U laptop, I completed testing six different Linux distributions on this 13 inch laptop.

As part of installing various Linux distributions and seeing how compatibility was for the new Dell XPS 9380, during the process I also ran a variety of benchmarks on every Linux distribution that was tested.


The tested model Dell XPS 9380 has the Core i7 8565U processor four cores and 4,6 GHz turbo boost, graphics Intel UHD 620, 16 GB of memory and SSD Hynix NVMe 256 GB.

The Linux distributions tested on this new Dell XPS laptop included:

Dell Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - Reserve system sent by Dell with the Linux 4.15 kernel, GCC 7.3.0 and other current elements of this Ubuntu LTS version.

Ubuntu 18.10 - The current release of Ubuntu without LTS with the default kernel of Linux 4.18, GCC 8.2.0, Mesa 18.2.2, etc.

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed - The 20190126 status of the openSUSE roll-release with Linux 4.20.2, Mesa 18.3.1, GCC 8.2.1, and Btrfs + XFS. The openSUSE GNOME version has been installed to fit the desktop of other Linux distributions under test.

Fedora Workstation 29 - Current updates for Fedora 29 transferred to the Linux kernel 4.20.5, Mesa 18.2.8, GCC 8.2.1 and EXT4 file system

Antergos 19.1 - The arch-based cylindrical release distribution with the Linux 4.20.6, GCC 8.2.1, and EXT4 kernel.

Clear Linux 27600 - The latest version of the open Linux Intel Linux distribution with the Linux 4.20.6 kernel, Mesa 19.0-devel, GCC 8.2.1, and EXT4.

Dell XPS 9380 responded well with all tested Linux distributions. I had not experienced hardware problems with any of the distributions were tested, the only caveat is that the Clear Linux must first use an adapter Ethernet USB-C as required wired Internet connection for installation after running fine. The touchpad, keyboard, audio, graphics, webcam, WiFi and other standard features was fine with these distributions in Linux 4.18 ~ 4.20.

It's not very strange though at least for basic functions, laptops that work with it Intel tend to work well with current Linux distributions - this happened for many years that the Linux support is generally in good condition except for rare cases remaining PCI IDs or needing new entries quirk etc. There are the usual hassles with certain laptop that they have problems with hotkeys or other quirks in selected cases, mainly on less popular PCs, but in the case of Dell XPS 9380 everything went perfectly with the specific Linux distributions.

With each distribution, I ran a series of benchmarks while the PC was running on a regular supply. After that, I also ran some additional benchmarks while using on battery power to look at the difference in energy usage between these different distributions in the same hardware.

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