Cryptocurrency: Ways to Enhance Your Privacy
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Cryptocurrency: Ways to Enhance Your Privacy

Privacy and privacy on the internet are of great importance. It is not enough to take one or two measures to protect ...
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KnowBe4: The world's largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform

KnowBe4 is the provider of the world's largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform. Sales of KnowBe4 ...
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What are the most common passwords? Risk of violation

Passwords are a matter that has been discussed many times. The National Security Center in the UK presented a ...
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Windows Update: Caused problems with Sophos, Avira and Avast

9 April released the new Windows security update. However, it was noticed that after installing the update some ...
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The Weather Channel Global Weather Channel was attacked by ransomware

The Weather Channel Global Weather Channel was attacked by ransomware resulting in the live broadcast being interrupted for about 90 minutes ....
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Child smartwatch is recall due to dangers

The European Council states that attackers could hurt Enox Safe-Kid-One to access location data. The European Commission has revoked Enox Safe-Kid-One's smartwatch after discovering that the device leaves children exposed to a "serious" risk of becoming the target of the hacker.


An EC report explained that attackers not only can steal them from the device, but also handle them and use them to communicate directly with the child. As a result of this investigation, the Commission has requested that smartwatch be withdrawn from the markets across the continent.

The Enox Safe-Kid-One smartwatch features GPS Compass, microphone and speaker. Parents are able to use the device to watch the child, but the evidence suggests that it can also be used by criminals to locate the child.

"A malicious user can send commands to any smartwatch by dialing another number of his choice by contacting the child wearing the device or tracking it through GPS," he said.

However, the manufacturer denies having any security holes on the device and told the BBC that the smartwatch had gone through extensive safety tests carried out by the German authorities. He said that the version examined by the European Commission is no longer sold and that the advisory revocation needs to be updated with the latest versioning information.

Enox founder Ole Anton Bieltvedt said he would use his company's distribution company in Iceland to appeal to Iceland's consumer protection regulator, who was originally a complainant to the European Commission.

"We have appealed to the authorities responsible for the request to reverse this conclusion," he said in a statement to the with the BBC.

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