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Home security ACSC: Protection from cybercriminals is now a very serious issue

ACSC: Protection from cybercriminals is now a very serious issue

The Australian Cyber ​​Security Center (ACSC) urges organizations to make efforts to protect themselves from cybercriminals, especially after publishing a report with statistics on violations data, which showed that there was an increase in malicious and criminal activity on the Internet.


According to the report published by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), malicious activity was the main cause of data breaches in the 64% quarter of notifications, an increase from the previous quarter of 57%.

According to the ACSC Director, the report is an additional reminder that Australia's trade secrets are an attractive target for cybercriminals and credentials are the easy way to penetrate data. Indeed, he said that there have been several cyber-security incidents in the last three months, and they seem to have exploited vulnerabilities that include a human factor, such as clicking on a phishing e-mail and the disclosure of codes. ACSC has worked with OAIC to manage strategies to protect against such incidents in organizations and agencies.

According to the ACSC, there is no room for complacency, as it was confirmed in December by the Australian government that there was a worldwide hack of Manager Service Providers, which included organizations in the country. In response, the ACSC announced the launch of a program to improve defenses around the country. Specifically, Manager Service Providers were asked to sign up for the program and show their commitment to protecting themselves and their customers. The importance of the program was largely emphasized, as malicious and criminal attacks were reported over the last quarter on more than 168 data breaches while human factor error was calculated for 85 data breaches and system error for 9. More information on the December report can be found here here.


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