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Facebook Research App: Not the only security VPN

Last week, it was revealed that Facebook was using one VPN to collect data from some users. These users voluntarily installed software that could control all their phone activity, including the use of the web and application, and sent it back to the social media for analysis. Although participants were paid to allow Facebook's VPN to spy on them, the practice was against its policies Apple. In fact, according to Apple's regulation, apps are not allowed to install anything on user phones to collect their data and sell them to third party apps and companies. This news is certainly bad for Facebook's reputation but reminds us that VPNs are not as innocent as we think.


Τι είναι το VPN;

A VPN is a software that behaves as a wall between users and ISPs. It is like an "invisible shield". Before a user's network activity appears on the ISP, it is encrypted by the VPN. In fact, VPN knows fully what's going on but the ISP does not. The whole point is hiding data from an ISP. In some cases, this is for some purposes like the Dark Web market, but in other cases it is totally innocent, as a VPN can be used to access a site without which it is not. In the case of Facebook Research App, VPN is used to keep the user's information for marketing purposes.

In the past, Facebook had resumed doing the same because it had purchased an application called Onavo and created an application called "Onavo Project". In fact, Onavo Project has directed all user activity to servers of Facebook. According to the company, Facebook used this information to improve its services but essentially wanted it for advertising purposes. Then Apple had taken the same steps and removed Onavo from the App Store as it violated its policies.

According to Ariel Hochstadt, a former employee of her Google, unfortunately VPNs that keep us safe are few. As a general rule, if they are free, they are paid by the user in some way. In addition, according to Hochstadt, the Chinese government creates and offers customers free VPNs, which are used to spy on the Internet. If you are looking for installing free VPNs, please confirm in terms and policies that there is no user data logging. If this does not appear somewhere, stay away from their services!

Of course, in the case of Facebook, users were not actively looking for a network to block their activity from service providers. Facebook just offered them a service and actually paid them to use it. This can be judged as an unacceptable service of the social media giant.


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