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What does the WeChat application and what's different from WhatsApp?

The new WeChat messaging application from China that looks like the corresponding WhatsApp has already become the most popular communication tool!


Initially, it is known that communication methods are constantly evolving. Older times there were handwritten letters, land-line phones, e-mail and all helped connect people. The latest evolution of smartphones helped to have contact between people around the world and at any time. WeChat will soon be competing with the most popular WhatsApp app as it offers more and more interesting services!

Τι είναι το WeChat;

The most likely thing is that users living outside China are not aware of it, as it first released 2011 and became one of the most popular applications the previous year, according to statistics from official sources. In fact, there were a billion active users, with more than 900 million using it every day. Experts in the field have recently dubbed WeChat and are now upgraded with more features than they used to be. In addition to messaging, users can send audio messages, make video calls, share photos and videos, and their location. At first the Chinese chat application was called Weixin but when it was converted to such a powerful app, it changed its name to WeChat so that everyone can understand what it provides.

What are its message attributes? WeChat;

One of the main uses of WeChat is of course the exchange of messages. The application works in a similar way to WhatsApp, as there is a list of discussions with friends and acquaintances. It is also possible to add people in two ways. You can either scan the person's phone or use the phone or ID number. Still, there is the option of the "Moments" feature, which can be used by users to upload a number of photos or videos to their friends, who in turn can comment or click like.

It is worth noting that the application is one of the main ways of communication between people in China. The reason behind this is because competitive platforms such as the Facebook and WhatsApp are banned across the country.

The most impressive is that so far, users can pay through the app, anywhere in China, it's enough to have an account with a Chinese bank. In particular, there are two ways to pay. One concerns the scanning of a unique barcode and the second concerns the scanning of the barcode of the product. Of course, there are authorization modes such as passcode on mobile to keep sensitive information safe.

It is certainly an application that, beyond communication like classical social media, offers other services as it is already a transition to a society that will not have cash for financial transactions and markets. To see more about WeChat, tap here.


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