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How to download all your Google + profile data

ProfileThe end of it Google+ it's close. Google's attempt to create a social network to compete Facebook and Twitter never knew the success he wanted. However, from April 2 this year, your Google+ account will no longer exist.

If you are wondering how to download all the data you have into Google+, there is a very simple method you can follow. First, you need to head to your Gmail account and click on your profile picture in the upper right corner. There you will see the “Google+ Profile”. Clicking on the profile will take you to your respective page. Here, in the menu bar on the left of the screen, click Settings. This will open a page with many options. Scroll down and you'll see the option "Delete Profile". The next page will give you some additional information on how deleting your profile may affect other Google services that you may be using. Here you can confirm by ticking the boxes at the bottom of the page and clicking Delete. "

Google+ upcoming termination has nothing to do with your Google Account as a whole or with your Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive data.

The company confirmed late last year that the Google+ People APIs had an error that potentially gave third-party developers unauthorized access to some users' personal data between 2015 and March 2018. An internal security review called Project Strobe discovered this error in March of this year, at about the same time that Facebook faced strong criticism for revealing that millions of users' data had been compromised by Cambridge Analytica, without their consent. And that's when the Google+ recovery process began. "We did not find evidence that a developer was aware of this error or abused the API and we did not find any evidence that any profile data was used," said Ben Smith, Google Partner and Vice President of Engineering.

The error on Google+ is believed to have affected up to 5.00.000 user accounts. Google continues to point out that only data from fields such as name, email address, profession, gender, and age may have been revealed, and continues to point out that no third developer has detected this vulnerability.


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