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Top 10 sites to watch movies completely free!

Below we show you the top 10 sites to watch movies for free! Originally as we all know website 123Movies was one of the most popular that gave users a great variety of movies and TV shows for various categories. However, 123Movies has been disabled due to some complicated reasons. Of course there are other similar sites, but users complain that the speed is too low due to disturbing advertising and poor quality. The good news is that there are many good websites like 123Movies that you can watch movies absolutely free of charge. In fact, some of what we suggest is even better.

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#1 Yes!Movies

This is considered one of the top 10 sites, as it has a large database, high streaming speed and relatively few ads. Movies and shows are available in Yes! Movies for different categories from different countries. Please note that the site is upgraded regularly so there are no problems. All popular movies and TV series are available and it's possible for the user to find anything he wants relatively quickly! In addition, there are many details about movies based on an IMDB rating. The best of all is that it is completely free and according to many users it is better than 123Movies. In case you want to download the streaming movie or convert it to a file compatible with TV, mobile, iPad and more, you can try the VideoMaster. It's an easy way to download, convert, and edit videos.

#2 Vumoo

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Vumoo is another alternative from the top 10 sites and is quite similar to 123Movies. It offers a large collection of movies and series and its database is updated regularly. For those who know it Netflix, Vumoo has a similar appearance and navigation for users, a feature that makes it rank second among the top streaming websites. On the home page there are the Popular This Week, Current Watching, New Releases, Recently Added, and other similar sections to see new trends. All you have to do is open an account with some of your details.

#3 ShowBox

ShowBox is one of the most versatile top 10 sites, as there are no limits to the number of movies you watch or download! Users have the choice or watch either download as many movies and series as they like. It provides a simple and attractive interface with excellent graphics that make it stand out. So ShowBox is very handy and you can find any movies you want, as there is a way to sort and search.

#4 VexMovies

VexMovies is an excellent choice and lets you watch movies for free. The site is very simple and easy to use and the best of all is that it does not contain any ads! Just select the movie you want to watch, press Play, then load it and the movie is ready! There is also the option to customize the image resolution to 1080p and you can watch the movie in full screen. It is definitely a good choice as it belongs to the top 10 sites for streaming!

#5 Niter

Niter externally looks very much like 123Movies and lets you watch movies and rows completely free! All you need to do is spend a few seconds to create an account to continue streaming. According to Niter himself, the database is continuously upgraded and new movies are added quite often. The quality is pretty good and the movie collection is great!

#6 Sony Crackle

Crackle belongs to the sites where you can find the latest movies and the popular shows that are being released! Beyond its benefits, you must first sign up to view the content. After just registering, you will have a great experience, as navigation is very easy and the quality is very good. All categories of the site are continually covered with new releases and there are also corresponding applications for iOS and Android to watch free movies and series.

#7 Movie25

Movie25 offers a variety of movies and series, but to watch them you need to sign up and create an account first. Once you've signed up, you can enjoy your favorite movies right away. Please note that in Movie25 there are more than 70.000 movies and the number is still growing. The main advantage is that there are no ads and there are too many categories to choose what to watch.

#8 WatchFree

WatchFree is the next popular site and has all the movies and series you want. As it is written in the name, its content is completely free. Navigation is very easy and simple to say but it does not have its own database. Instead, it provides links from the internet and the user can see free content from different sources.

#9 GoMovies

GoMovies belongs to the best streaming sites and allows you to view HD streaming movies It's free. The most useful thing is how one can download the movies and watch them offline. Essentially, GoMovies is an improved version of 123Movies and contains a wide variety of movies and series.


Finally, 10MyDownloadTube is a free site and like many of the previous ones it offers many movies. No registration required to view the content but if you wish to download a movie, registration is required! There are no ads and the content is free.

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