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IPhone users complain about accidental activation of the lens

iPhoneThere is never any peace in her world Apple, especially at the moment the company is going through some very difficult times because iPhone sales are lower than expected.

But customers are always finding the most unexpected problems with Apple products, so it should not be so surprising that some people now complain about accidental activation of the lens on their iPhones.

A report by USA Today reports that there are many iPhone users who claim that this feature is very easy to activate from the lock screen, because Apple has placed a shortcut on the main screen. In other words, a function that is supposed to be extremely useful turns into an annoying thing because it is very easy to activate the lens.

Apple has not yet recognized the problem

The reported report claims that many users are walking in the street with the lens turned on in their pocket, and only realize it when others are warned that a light shines behind their clothes.

It seems that almost 500 iPhone users have already reported the problem to Apple but has not yet released an official statement from the company. And there will never be, as the technology giant does not talk about such formal issues, but it is quietly corrected when it happens.

As you can see, the problem is mostly on the new generation iPhone, starting with the iPhone X and continuing with the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. USA Today reports that the first reports on this issue took place last year, shortly after the launch of the iPhone X, but the number of complaints is significantly higher this year after the introduction of the new models.

At the moment, if you find yourself with the lens turned on in your pocket, there are several ways to turn it off, including clicking on the lens icon on the lock screen or asking Siri to do so.

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