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Home security Group FaceTime: Returns to iPhones, iPads, Mac next week

Group FaceTime: Returns to iPhones, iPads, Mac next week

Group FaceTime will return to iPhones, iPads and Poppy next week.

After detecting the bug in the software that allowed monitoring via video call, Apple announced on Friday that it has fixed the problem and will re-activate it app next week.

It is worth noting that since the news became viral, the Apple has immediately disabled Group FaceTime from its servers.


In addition to correcting the error, the company reported, in a recent statement, to both how he handled this issue as well as the measures it will take to avoid such errors occurring in the future.

«We want to assure our customers that as soon as our team of engineers became aware of the error, it quickly disabled the FaceTime Group and started working to fix it", The company statement said. «We are determined to improve the process with which we receive such reports so that the right people can act as quickly as possible. We take the safety of our products seriously and we commit ourselves to continue to gain your trust.»

The positive thing is that the hassle and anxiety are over. We hope that such incidents will not happen in the future that endanger the privacy of users.


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